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Highlight your business or products by printing a catalogue style booklet. Customise your unique booklet based on size, # of pages and self-cover/hard cover options
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Create a one or two fold brochure to highlight your company story, services or products. They are perfect to use in trade shows, presentations or as takeaway menus
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Business Cards
Create a lasting impression with our top selling business cards. We offer a variety of options from economy to premium in glossy, matte or foil finishes. Our foil finish business cards are out of this world. You won’t be disappointed!
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Business Cards with Foiling
Adding a foil or multiple foils to your card can really make your cards stand out. The Print Co has a huge range of colours and styles that really pop. The perfect way to enhance elements with a metallic shiny look.
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Canvas (mounted)
Canvases are a great way of showing off your great photos, beautiful images and fantastic family memories. There are a range of sizes to choose from and multiple options for the sides of the canvas.
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Envelopes are an important part of your overall marketing collateral, as they are the first impression your clients receive from your mailed materials. Its also an effective way to communicate your brand identity and increase brand awareness.
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Gain the highest exposure with the lowest cost through our affordable flyers. Perfect for promoting your brand, event, sale, campaign or announcement to a large number of people
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Folded Cards
A branded card, whether it be a greeting card, thank you card, Christmas card, sympathy card or whatever other card you may require, is a more personalised way of getting your message across.
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Sending out an invitation or an announcement for a special occasion gives you the opportunity to present your event or business to friends or clients in a professional manner.
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A professional-looking letterhead can make all the difference in how your business is perceived. If you engage in a lot of formal communication with clients, branded stationery will help your business look more professional.
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Loyalty/Appointment Cards
Loyalty Cards are a great way to encourage repeat customers to your business and also an appreciated way of giving back to your loyal customers. Loyalty/appointment cards are printed on card stocks that are less prone to smudging from writing or stamping.
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Arrive at your client with a professional branded note pad to take down notes, sketch designs and leave comments. Note pads, writing pads, design pads, form pads checklists and more. Mutliple sizes and options available.
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A personalised post card is an inventive way to send a small personalised message to your client. A little ‘thank you’, ‘did you know’ or little personal note hand written on the back gives a caring personal touch to a marketing tool.
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Posters have been around in every industry for a long time because they work, they offer an effective and inexpensive way to get a message out. Poster can simply be an image or artwork, information about an event, advertising, product, service, or even for plans, maps and diagrams.
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Presentation Folders
The way you present your forms and paperwork to a client is a reflection of your brand and service. Receiving your paper work in a well designed, printed and put together presentation folder displays a companies professionalism and competence.
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Pull-up Banners
A pull-up banner stand is a must for any show or event to get your clients attention and to communicate your brand to your potential clients. These are a great affordable way to have a professional setup at your next event to promote your business or product.
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